Wednesday, October 18, 2017


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I went to the 2017 Wild Card game with my brother, Paul, who is as a big of a Yankee fan as you and me.  He called out to the Minnesota Twins as we came back and won the game, "This is October Baseball in the Bronx Baby!"  And since that moment, I have coined that phrase throughout the ALDS until this very moment, the morning of Game 5 where the Yankees find themselves in familiar but yet unfamiliar territory.  All tied up and the reality that we have a chance to advance sooner than we thought we could.

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"Down two runs to the Astros and in serious trouble of being pushed to the brink of elimination, the Yankees rallied for four in the eighth inning and a 6-4 victory witnessed by a sold-out crowd of 48,804 that sounded a whole lot like the raucous mob that used to live across the street in October," reported the NY Post minutes following last night's incredible come from behind win.

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We are THE DEAD BATS SOCIETY no more as even Chase Headley plowed an opposite side single to score Todd Frazier who started off the hot bats and ignited an 8th inning that shook the new House that Ruth Built like never before.  Aaron Judge hit, Didi Gregorius hit, Gary Sanchez hit...The eighth inning was electric as I stood in my kitchen afraid to breathe, afraid to move, afraid to sit down- so I didn't until Aroldis Chapman retired the last of Astros and brought Game 4 to a close.

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Tonight we host Game 5 where Masahiro Tanaka will go head-to-head with Dallas Keuchel, who says the Bronx atmosphere will have no effect on his performance.  "Don’t bother with the Bronx cheers. Yelling and screaming won’t work either. Dallas Keuchel embraces it all. He says you won’t rattle him Wednesday when he warms up in the bullpen before Game 5 of the American League Championship Series," reports the NY Daily News.

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Dallas, you ain't seen nothing like October Baseball in the Bronx Baby!  We are coming for you Keuchel.  The entire stadium will be there, bellowing, shaking the ballpark like you have never seen or heard before.  Let's make this a Game 5 to remember! 



--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


But it ain't over yet.

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The Yankees needed to break out, and with CC Sabathia on the bump, and our Yankees hitting finally, it was refreshing.

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Games like that are necessary for any fan, because it shows life, carried momentum through a clubhouse and hopefully the wins continue today, with the game started at 5pm.

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Aaron Judge had moments last night where I just had a hunch he'd break out.  I tweeted about it:
Finally, he cranked a 3 run homer and broke the game wide open.  Couple that with a Todd Frazier 3 run homer earlier in the night, and man oh man did it feel good to be a Yankee fan.

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Let me just say something about Todd Frazier... what a great guy... team player, fun, energetic. He is exactly the right veteran you need in that clubhouse.  You add in CC Sabathia and guys like Matt Holliday, you have veteran wisdom.  You gotta hope that's rubbing off on the youngsters.

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I felt bad for Dellin Betances.  This is guy that hasn't really been used too often, then Joe throws him in with an 8-0 lead, the dynamic for a setup man with that lead is much different. He looked uncomfortable. I felt for him, I really did.  And taking him out with 2 straight walks... man he looked pissed.  But look, this is the playoffs... everybody has to be ready... and he wasn't. 

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Tommy Kahnle has been Joe's new tool, and he uses him often.  I hope they don't wear that dude out.

Look, overall I loved what I saw last night.  And there will be more today no doubt.  Sonny Gray is a great young pitcher.

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Here is the problem with Mr. Gray... the Yankees don't give him the run support he needs.  But that garbage needs to take a back seat today.  Yanks need to score and help a brother out.  Because by the end of tonight... we have to be tied in this series... 2 games to 2.
P.S. Someone needs to tell Joe Buck his obsession with Jose Altuve is obvious and embarrassing.  He needs to cool it.


Go Yanks!

Monday, October 16, 2017


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I'm pretty excited for Game 3 tonight.  But before all of that... I just wanted to point something out that I missed until today.

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As you all know, the other night, seeing Jose Altuve score from first base on Correa's hit to right field was a blow to the gut.  A lot could be said about that play.  If Correa doesn't try and stand at second base, does Didi's throw hit Sanchez in the glove or would it still be the same outcome? If Judge throws home, do we have a better shot? Am I just being sour grapes?

I think it's the third question...

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That being said, everyone in Yankeeland was ripping Gary Sanchez for that play.  Everyone except for ex-Yankee, Brian McCann.  I found this on ESPN Twitter or something.  I just had to share it, because this is respect in baseball folks.

Root hard tonight Yankee fans... we need to pull out a W. Sure, I still like McCann... but I still want him and the Astros to lose.


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I don't know what it is with our Yankees but apparently starting postseason series at 0-2 is no big deal. We've been here and done that before. The Yankees feel more comfortable with it then Joe Maddon and his Cubs. I wish we weren't here again....but we are.

The Yankees started the ALCS just like we did against the Indians but these two series are very different. The Yankees got to Corey Kluber in both games and blew a big lead in game two. The bats were at least alive. In this series, Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander were dominant and so far they have schooled us. The Yankees have to make some serious adjustments here and FAST.

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The Indians had a deeper pitching staff. They had a bullpen equal to ours in many ways and they had three dominant starters in their lineup, the Astros on the other hand have weaker arms in the back of their rotation and the Yankees need to adjust and expose those weaknesses. No offense to Charlie Morton and Brad Peacock because they both had really good seasons for the Astros with a combined 3.32 ERA for them this season. They were consistent in the regular season but they don't compare to Keuchel or Verlander.

Just like most teams the Yankees are better when they play at home. Game three is a "must win" and the comfort of knowing that we are home and that the last starts for Morton and Peacock were pretty rough give the Yankees a big advantage. Peacock couldn't pitch past the third inning in his ALDS Game 3 start and Morton allowed nine base runners in 4 1/3 innings in game 4 of the ALDS. These are guys that the Yankees need to take advantage of.

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The Yankee bats have gone missing and two of our young guys in particular need to get going again. There is no path to the World Series without both Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez being productive again. The ALDS was not kind to Judge, he was 1-for-20 with 16 strikeouts and so far this series he is one-for-seven and three strikeouts. Sanchez had success in the ALDS with two home runs but so far this series he is 0-for-7 with 5 strikeouts. It's time to change that.

The bats aren't the only thing that need improving. Saturday's game is an example of why a lot of baseball writers have recently been down on Gary Sanchez. That relay throw from Didi Gregorius was a play that Sanchez is used to making.

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We recently wrote A "PROBLEM" FOR THE WILD CARD GAME AND SANCHEZ...after it looked like some writers had lost faith in Sanchez and his defensive abilities. I still believe in him, he just has to prove that just like his mistake with the Rays was not "the norm" neither was Saturday. He may be young and inexperienced in the playoffs but he isn't incapable. That was just a mistake and he's not replaying it in his mind. He's moved on from it and ready to redeem himself.

The Yankees can come back from this. The Yankees may be down 0-2 and whille on paper that looks pretty bleak, probables for the next two games show odds only favor us that much more. We just have to show up, be productive and outplay the Astros. It's time to give the Astros some uncomfortable Bronx accommodations.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor 
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September 28, 2014 is a date that will be forever etched in the minds of Yankee fans everywhere. The date our captain played his last game in a Yankee uniform and left many fans filled with memories of what once was.

It also left many to wonder what the Yankees would do to fill the big hole left at shortstop.

On December 5, 2014 the answer to that question was came when the Yankees, in a three-team trade, acquired Didi Gregorius. Of course, this acquisition was not very popular early on.  Fans were not ready to say goodbye to the only shortstop they have known and loved since 1996.

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But times have changed, and it is most evident this season, and definitely in these playoffs.  Didi has now become a star and our everyday shortstop, and has even done some things not even the famous Captain could do. Didi Gregorius pulled off a postseason feat against the Indians that his great predecessor never accomplished with two homers in Game 5.

And listen, before you go getting annoyed with me, just understand this; I am not in any way saying he's better than Derek. But the fact of the matter is Didi has made the transition much easier than anyone has thought. This piece from goes deeper into why Didi has now become the accepted Yankee shortstop.

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I really find it amusing that this deal might not have happened if not for the guy who is now President of Baseball Operations for the rival Red Sox.  Unwilling to give up, Cashman got creative by trying to bring a third team into trade talks with Arizona. Knowing the Tigers were looking for pitching help, Cashman called then Detroit GM Dave Dombrowski and dangled one of his best young arms.  At first, I think Didi was considered to be a fill-in until the Yankees could find someone or develop a kid in the minors.

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A funny thing has happened though.  Didi has developed into one of the better shortstops in the league... even though Derek has retired and moved on in life becoming the owner of the Miami Marlins.

With Didi playing like he is and the top prospect in baseball waiting in the wings I believe the Yankees are set for quite a while at SS. 

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Writer

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