Thursday, April 19, 2018


Quick note. 

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Tommy Kahnle is down for the count. Maybe that's why he's stinking up the joint.

FOX Sports writes this:

"Yankees reliever Tommy Kahnle will be shut down for 10 days and likely miss a few weeks after being diagnosed with biceps and shoulder tendinitis.

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New York manager Aaron Boone revealed the diagnosis Thursday before a game against the Blue Jays. Kahnle had an MRI this week that revealed the tendinitis. The right-hander was placed on the disabled list Tuesday."

We'll have to see if the rest of the Bullpen is also hurting.  This makes a lot of sense about Tommy, but I wonder if anyone else is experiencing fatigue, dead arm, tendinitis, or just suck in general.

Stay tuned.

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That was a quote from a friend of mine the other day in reference to Giancarlo Stanton.

"You see how much he strikes out? Stanton's terrible.  Derek Jeter's a genius dumping him," he said as he sipped his beer and re-adjusted to the game at hand.

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Here's the reality folks.  When Giancarlo is hot, he's hot. But that doesn't dismiss the fact that the guy strikes out an awful lot and has most of his career.  Couple that with him trying to adjust to the American League, being a New York Yankee and the pressure of a big market... there is no question he is having difficulty. It's a head game and Giancarlo is losing it.

Does Stanton suck? Well, it's April, I won't go there... yet.  Plus, collectively, you can't expect 1 guy to get a team wins every night.  It's collective and if we are using the word "suck"... look at the pen. The bullpen's stinking up the joint.

Now there is chatter that we need to move Stanton down in the order. I'm being honest here... I love this idea. Less pressure and it allows him to work out the kinks and mind games he's going through. To be fair, it makes perfect sense... writes:

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"Giancarlo Stanton's April struggles seemingly are worth a response and it could be coming Thursday night when the 8-8 and third-place Yankees return from an off day to begin a four-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. Boone admitted after the Yankees’ 9-1 blowout loss to the Miami Marlins on Tuesday night that he "might flirt with" dropping Stanton out of the cleanup spot to lower in the order. How low would Boone dare drop Stanton? Probably not much. Regardless, here’s a suggestion for Boone to use for the Yankees-Blue Jays series...

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5. Giancarlo Stanton, DH 2018 stats: .197 average, 66 AB, 9 runs, 13 hits, 3 doubles, 1 triple, 3 HR, 10 RBIs, 7 BB, 29 K, 1 SB, 0 CS, 16 Analysis: I know some people want to drop Stanton all the way to sixth or seventh, but that’s too low at this point in the season. For now, I’d stick him in the fifth hole and see if he can get hot hitting behind Sanchez. It’s only 16 games in and that’s too soon for me to drop him into a spot where it looks like you’ve lost confidence in him. Also, going by Stanton’s track record for every season but one, he’s always been a very slow starter who starts getting hot in late April or early May."

Love it. Drop him in the lineup. Let him get his head right.

What do you think?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


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The weather has been absolutely unbearable here in the Northeast and parts of the mid-West for that matter.  Just look at the athletes across baseball diamonds during the season's first month, wearing winter clothes and shivering in the rain and snow as temperatures and winds simply remove the fun out of playing.  But no one has had it worse, as far as Mother Nature goes, than the runners in the Boston Marathon this Monday.

Source: Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports

The women's winner, Desiree Linden, won because she didn't give up even though at one point she contemplated it saying to her teammate and NYC women's winner, Shalene Flanagan that she might drop out.  Instead, she became the first American female runner to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years.  "She won Monday's Boston Marathon on desire -- years and years of it layered over talent and discipline and resilience," reported ESPN.

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Desire, layered over talent, discipline and resilience, the ultimate recipe for success- something the Yankees desperately need as they battle back from injuries, poor fielding and confidence-blowing losses.

"While the ball club has confronted numerous postponements, frigid temperatures and even an occasional snowstorm, the Yankees are actively searching for answers as they have been afflicted with a wide array of injuries and poor offensive production," reported Forbes.  If you read Sporting News, they have written the Yankees off with this line, "Time is running out in the Yankees' season to be able to figure this all out — 147 games just may not be enough."  Yikes, death sentence...really?

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But how do you go from beating the Marlins 12-0 in one night and losing to the same team 9-1 the next?  The ups and downs of this team is almost like the ups and downs of a teenager spiked with a typical hormonal imbalance.  "The question is how do we battle back" and the "answer is resilience."

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Baseball is unlike any other sport.  Other sports you have guys playing the same position everyday, every night, game after game.  Look at sports like hockey and soccer- the same goalie gets in the net each time.  With baseball, you have options...different pitchers, different fielders, different strategies.  Nine innings over about three hours of continuously play- Des Linden won the marathon in 2:44, the Yankees play their game in about that time.  In order to stay competitive, you have to want it and be in it for the long haul.  "The Yankees are clearly looking for a shot of adrenaline to wake them up from the early season doldrums and misfortunes." And that shot of adrenaline better make its way to the team quickly, as April showers transition into potential opportunities for the Yankees in perhaps the second month of baseball.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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That title was a portion from BYB fanatic and true Yankee fan Frank Gentry. Smart guy.  Excellent fan. Great former writer for BYB and 100% correct. Got me.

Early yesterday morning I wrote AWKWARD? HOW ABOUT EMBARRASSED, DEREK?

In it, I wrote:

Source: Michael Reaves/Getty Images North America
"Derek Jeter didn't want to come to New York because this Marlins team is nothing more than the leftovers after he dismantled it. And showing up in his old house as he watches the New York Yankees demolish his handy work is not something he wants to attach himself too... not yet anyway. After all, his Frankenstein is not complete. And that's what it is folks. This isn't about seeing old friends and waving to the fans. This is about him not wanting to show his face."

Elsa/Getty Images North America
Last night, the Yankees lost to a hungry Marlins team, and because Bleeding Yankee Blue is not afraid to admit mistakes, I bring you a slap in my face by my bud, Frank Gentry:

Frank's correct.  But I ain't wrong... I'm just wrong this time. 

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But you have to admit, the Marlins played well last night and dismantled my theory for this game.

Hey... you gotta love baseball.   Why? Because you never know what will happen next.

Thanks Frank!

Go Yanks!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


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I was pretty unimpressed with Derek Jeter telling the press that he felt like him coming to the Bronx for the Yankees / Marlins series would be awkward.  If you didn't know about it, you gotta see this. USA Today has the quotes:

"'I went to a spring training game when we played New York. But it would be an awkward situation for me to actually go to Yankee Stadium,' Jeter told reporters in Miami on Friday.

'I'm just being honest with you guys. That's why I'm not going,' Jeter said. 'I knew it was going to be a story, one way or the other. So, I might as well get out in front of it and say, I'm not going. So, I will not be there.'"

Source: Rick Diamond/One Voice: Somos Live!/Getty Images North America
But why? Many want to know what "Awkward" really means? Does it mean that the team is just terrible? That they have no pitching? That he doesn't want to see the fans? That he doesn't want to openly root for the Yankees, the team he's loved? Or is there more to it.

Now, I love Suzyn Waldman.  Most can't stand her but on a personal level I've met her a few times. She's a doll.  She's tough and she's iconic in many ways and a good person.  She and John Sterling were talking about Derek last night during the game and spoke about his awkward statement, and here's what they said:

But I have to say, I disagree, because as a business man, which is what Derek wants everyone to see him as, you can't have it both ways.

Source: Al Bello/Getty Images North America
Look, Derek was a New York Yankee. A great one at that, but he's no longer a Yankee "fan" as Suzyn is suggesting. I'm gonna be honest with you. Derek Jeter didn't want to come to New York because this Marlins team is nothing more than the leftovers after he dismantled it. And showing up in his old house as he watches the New York Yankees demolish his handy work is not something he wants to attach himself too... not yet anyway. After all, his Frankenstein is not complete.  And that's what it is folks. This isn't about seeing old friends and waving to the fans.  This is about him not wanting to show his face.

Source: Mark Brown/Getty Images North America
Derek Jeter is an iconic Yankee player.  He will go to the Hall of Fame and he should.  But he's a business man now... a Miami businessman who is trying to make a name for himself.  And trust me when I tell you, when you make a major investment, regardless of what Suzyn and John say... you align yourself with your product, regardless of the passion you had for the opponent at one time.  The trouble is... he's not there yet and the scabs he's fielding are not his true plan.  They are just a toy for now.

He'll get there... but he's not proud of this Marlins team yet.  Will he be? Maybe one day. But for now, there's no way in hell he's going to show off his broken down toy in his old residence.  That, my friends would tarnish his business persona.  And god forbid that happens...

Now, you can disagree and you can try and bash me for "hating" Derek Jeter.  I don't at all.  Harsh I am, but this is my opinion on the businessman that Derek is trying to be.  Because I cannot for a million years figure out why in hell he wouldn't come and see the fans that have celebrated him for 20 years.  That my friends is insanity.


April 2, 2018 - Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America
I was just thinking about that Tigers series.  I don't understand what's going on with Dellin Betances.

Through the first seven innings, of Game 1 against the Tigers, there were moments of hope and excitement. Starting with Aaron Hicks and that great inside-the-park home run and ending, with a good pitching performance by Jordan Montgomery. Then came the 8th inning when everything went awry, leaving us fans with feelings of uncertainty and worry. Enter Dellin Betances.

Source: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America
The question... What is wrong with Dellin Betances? has been asked many times as of late, including here. As shown in this piece from, neither himself or manager Aaron Boone seem to think anything is wrong.

"Betances: 'This is the best I've felt in a while. Both (my fastball and curveball) I felt real good with and they just found holes with everything. The first guy got me good, but after that everything I threw was just hit. Even if I picked up the rosin (bag) and threw it, it was going to get hit. It was just one of those days. But I've got to continue to stay positive. Like I said, I haven't felt like this good in a while. I like how I felt stuff wise, but they just had good hits.'

Photo: Getty Images
Boone: 'The good thing is I think he's in a (good) place with his delivery and he's throwing strikes. His pitches are crisp. You get in an 8-3 situation there and he's just trying to pound a fastball and Candelario jumps him. It's kind of the same thing that happened in Toronto. Then all of a sudden, you're pitching with a lead and a couple guys string hits together. I know the result wasn't great for him, but I do feel like he's very close to where we need to him to be and we'll continue to put him out there because I think he's in a good place with his delivery. Even though it wasn't good, I think we'll get there.'"

The best he has felt, really?

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I know this...I don't feel the best when he enters a game. Look, I hate to write negative pieces, but  sometimes these pieces need to be written. That's what BYB does, we're honest. Answers need to be given other than these nonchalant answers that are put out there. It may be early in the season, but I hope they are given soon. I'm tired of having to take a Xanax every time he's called to come in.

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Junior Writer
Twitter: @sevn4evr