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I love this time of the year. Despite the fact that the Yankees have not "officially" brought Brian Cashman back (even though we know that is just a formality) and the Yankees don't have a new manager yet the rumor mill is continuing to heat up. We are all waiting for some news. We are waiting for those possible trades or free agent signings!

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Could Alex Cobb be one of those free agent signings? Back in September Nick Cafardo said the Yankees were reportedly "very interested" in signing Cobb and then that rumor lost steam. Now suddenly the connection is back and this time Peter Gammons says that interest is back, and possibly stronger than ever. Supposedly, there is an "industry consensus" that there will be a showdown between the Chicago Cubs and the Yankees for his services. Hmmmm....

Now whether you believe that or not, I think the Yankees would be a surprise and unlikely suitor for Cobb.  I still say that connection is a stretch for a few reasons but I could be wrong. In any event, the Yankees have a lot of things to consider when it comes to Cobb.

1. Getting under the luxury tax

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Hal Steinbrenner has made it very clear that the Yankees have every intention to get under the luxury tax and signing someone like Cobb would make that extremely hard to do. Cobb and Lance Lynn are the two best free agents available other than Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta so he is going to get a pricier multi-year deal and the Yankees aren't going to be looking to make that kind of commitment. The only way the Yankees could sign Cobb and still get under the luxury tax would be to unload another big contract or two off of the books, which is a another challenge in itself.

2. The stats aren't the greatest

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Long story short here....Cobb has some concerns. The strikeouts are down, his home runs are up, the ground balls are down and the hitters are making more hard contact against him. It's just not a good combination for Yankee stadium even taking into account that he is just getting back from Tommy John surgery there are a lot of question marks.

3. The Yankees have a lot of pitching options already

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You can never have too much pitching. We've all heard that and it's true, but even without Cobb the Yankees would have a lot of pitching. I think Shohei Otani would be more appealing to the Yankees and even if Otani doesn't happen the Yankees could save the money and sign a less expensive veteran like CC Sabathia. We can;t forget about some of the kids in the minors either, Chance Adams is waiting for his opportunity. The Yankees have plenty of options without having to go sign a long term, more expensive deal with Cobb.

4. Other teams have an interest and need him more than the Yankees

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No offense to Cobb, but the Yankees don't "need" him. I'm not sure why Gammons and "industry consensus" have a strong connection between Cobb and the Yankees. Now teams like the Cubs, I get. Supposedly there is mutual interest there and it makes sense. Arrieta is unlikely to return to the Cubs so the Cubs will look for another big name to help fill-in their rotation. The Cardinals and Blue Jays also could make a play for Cobb. Another intriguing connection could be another AL East team the Baltimore Orioles. This move makes sense because the Orioles finished with the worst ERA in baseball last season. Cobb has some success in the AL East and could strengthen a weak Orioles team.

So is Gammons right about the Yankees-Cobb connection? I don't see it but what do I know? The Yankees have so many other options that make more sense. I guess we will wait and see if Gammons is right. Until then, keep the rumors coming.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
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Sunday, November 19, 2017


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As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, approximately one month since our last game of the ALCS,  I could not think of a better time to put together what I am touting as the KEEP 'EM OR DUMP 'EM LIST.  And let me preface this by saying that fans have been asking me to write a piece like this and I overheard a group of Wegmans' employees chatting it up about who should stay and who should go as they organized the carts in the parking lot on a busy Saturday morning.  The conversation was entertaining and they had no idea I was eavesdropping or that I would have an clue what they were talking about...BYB undercover reporter!

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If we start with our pitching staff, I would absolutely offer CC Sabathia a reasonable contract and make an attempt to keep him, but I would be happy to see Sonny Gray and Jaime Garcia go.  Dump them both- they have no business here, really.  Promote Chad Green to a starter and bring up Justus Sheffield and give him a whirl.  Masahiro Tanaka?  Depends.  I would try and keep him but if he is way too expensive, I would dump him along with Caleb Smith, Jonathan Holder, and Chasen Shreve.  See what we can get for them along with Luis Cessa who has already been in trade talks for a potential trade with San Francisco.  Dellin Betances should also be part of the trade talks.  Not in love with what he gave us during the later part of the season.

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Our catchers are staying, although I caution Gary Sanchez with this warning...figure out how to be a better defensive catcher, use your resources to improve and don't be so cocky.  That's all I have to say about that.  Turning my attention to the rest of the infield or the position players, Chase Headley needs to go already.  I would figure out how to keep Todd Frazier and Ronald Torreyes but I would dump Tyler Austin and Garrett Cooper and even Tyler Wade, especially if we pick up Joe Panik.  We should think about trading Starlin Castro as well.  He offered nothing to us in the post season and a lot of days of the DL during the regular season. Greg Bird holds his own at first base. Just stay healthy, Bird!

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The outfield is stacked with a lot of talent at the corners in Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge but center field, well, that's up for grabs.  Like my comment about Castro, I was very disappointed with Aaron Hicks' performance during the post season and his number of long trips to the DL this season.  He needs to prove himself worthy of the starting center field position before I think about trading Clint Frazier.  If I could design my own Christmas gift, I would figure out how to gift wrap Jacoby Ellsbury and ship him right out of the Bronx.  Hey, Brian Cashman has shown us his black magic before when he dumped Tyler Clippard (dare I say his name) and we picked up Frazier and Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson (all of whom I would absolutely keep).  Let's not lose faith that he can pull off some kind of Ellsbury exit.

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Anyway you look at it, we have some moves to make and a championship team to fine tune.  Some guys are with us and fit this vision and others clearly don't.  What are your thoughts on "the LIST"?  Give us a shout out and weigh in on your KEEP 'EM or DUMP 'EM LIST.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof 

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Saturday, November 18, 2017


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It has started.  The Yankees have made a move. Yankees Public Relations tweeted this just a short time ago...

So it appears Nick Rumbelow goes to Seattle. 

Yanks get a decent Lefty in JP Sears and Righty Juan Then.  I know what you're thinking... Then what, right?

We shall see. Maybe a Manager. Stay tuned with that.

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It was reported this week, but Bleeding Yankee Blue didn't even report it... until now.

Chris Woodward, a former Blue Jays and Dodgers coach is being considered by the New York Yankees this week as a potential manager.  I know... you have no idea who it is. I remember him as a player.  I can't say I remembered him right away when this story was first reported. But I became familiar again.  Well... I call him Woody.

Mark Feinsand tweeted this about the idea:

Now the question really becomes... does this guy have a shot? We're talking about the New York Yankees here.  You need to almost have you're own star in this city or in baseball in general.  It's high stakes.  I'm willing to give the idea a shot, I just don't know if this is something the Yankees are serious about, or if they just wanna cast a wide net and see if there are any hidden gems out there.

Meanwhile the press has been kind to Aaron Boone, and his agent has been working hard, blasting all media with Boone news pretty much anointing him the new Yankee manager even though nothing has been determined yet. 

The New York Daily News has a headline that says he's ready: AARON BOONE HAS  BEEN PREPARING TO BE AN MLB MANAGER HIS ENTIRE LIFE.  Wow... I have literally NEVER heard the come our of his mouth.

Well, we'll see. Obviously the Yankees are trying to move quickly here, while being surgical in their decision.  So many names... who's it gonna be?

Stay tuned...


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Good news for Vidal Nuno. You remember him, right? He was with the Yankees for 1 hot minute.  Well, word on the street is he found a new team... the Tampa Bay Rays. writes:

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"Nuno signed a minor-league contract with the Rays on Wednesday... He will likely see more time at Triple-A Durham next season, unless he's able to show that he can still be a viable reliever in the majors."

I was also a fan of this lefty.  I knew he wasn't going to be a superstar, but I appreciate his poise and determination every time they handed him the ball.

Wish Nuno well... he's one of the good ones.

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