Saturday, January 20, 2018


Isn't that the way it always was anyway?

I mean... it's been so long since the Yankees really signed that ever-coveted player and made the whole big announcement and the whole nine.  The fact that Giancarlo was introduced the week of the GM meetings probably REALLY pissed people off. The fact that the Yankees snagged him and wasn't supposed to because Stanton was thinking Dodgers or whatever that rumor was ticks people off just as much.  But who cares. This is the baseball offseason. 

Photo: Getty Images
When the Red Sox sign a huge name, like Chris Sale or something, I get pissed too.  So yeah... the Yankees hated? Bring it.

CC Sabathia spoke about it on MLB Network, and reported by Sports Illustrated.  Here's some of that:

Photo: SNY
"After landing Giancarlo Stanton in a monster trade this winter, the Yankees are seen once again as a wildly expensive juggernaut.

'Last year, we were the team that everybody loved, that feel-good story,' Sabathia said Thursday on MLB Network. 'But getting Giancarlo just brings us back to being that hated team. That’s what we like. We want to go out there, put the best team on the field and crush everybody every game.'”

Photo: New York Daily News
And lets talk about leadership by the way.  What CC Sabathia says is so true.  And I love his Captain-style rally cry... "...go out there, put the best team on the field and crush everybody every game."

Photo: AP
Ultimately, it's what teams need to do to be competitive. No, the Yankees won't try to sign 5 top free agents anymore because the kids are kicking butt. But what is wonderful about this new young Yankees team is that if we needed a piece, and it just so happens to be a big piece in Giancarlo Stanton... we can do it.

There is nothing more exciting to me than Spring Training 2018. I can't wait to see this team come together on the fields of Florida. It's going to be great.


Michael Pineda is with the Twins now.

I've always rooted for this guy because when we traded with the Mariners and got him for Jesus Montero all those years ago, Pineda was supposed to be the next big thing.  Well he wasn't exactly. Then he got hurt... and then the Twins grabbed him, and there we have it.

Here's a Pineda update, brought to us by MLB Trade Rumors... just because. What happens next is cute.

(Frank Franklin II/AP)
"...the Twins have a few other pitchers whose injury situations bear watching. Among them is Michael Pineda, who is also working back after receiving a fresh ulnar collateral ligament. Minnesota placed a $10MM bet on his ability to get back to the mound and provide value late this year and (mostly) in 2019. Pineda, Berardino writes, has just begun a throwing program. He says it "feels great' to be throwing again, though of course this is just one step in a laborious process. Pineda’s surgery took place in the middle of July of last year, so he’s well behind May in the process."

Now "feeling great" is Pineda's go-to. We've seen it for years in New York.

Back in 2013...

"'Feeling great tonight,' Pineda said after pitching for the Class-A advanced Tampa Yankees in Florida State League play against the Brevard County Manatees at Steinbrenner Field. "

He down graded to only feeling "very good" in September 2015:

"'I feel very good right now and everything is working good so sometimes you have a good game, sometimes you have a bad game,' he said."

Photo: New York Post
And in May of 2017:

"'We feel great when the rotation is doing its job,' Pineda said. 'We work to every day give the team the opportunity to win a big game.'”

Whatever the case... I still like Pineda and pulling for him.  I hope he has a great season with the Twins.  He needs that.

And by the way... Jesus Montero? Hasn't been on a pro field since the Seattle Mariners in 2015.  In the 2017-2018 season he plays for the Cardenales de Lara

Venezuelan Winter League.  I found that interesting.

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Friday, January 19, 2018


About a year ago, I was reading Bleeding Yankee Blue and saw that Robert Casey was looking for writers.  I worked up the courage, and sent him a note telling him I would like to give it a shot.  He asked me to send him a sample, something I was passionate about when it came to the New York Yankees right that moment.  And so I sent him a little something I wrote up on Facebook.

(Sept. 28, 2016 - Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America)
After that, he asked for more. He wanted me to write up something about Starlin Castro and his importance to the team.  Thankfully, that piece ended up being my first post on BYB. I'll never forget the day... January 7, 2017.  From there, I had worked hard, and earned my right to call myself a writer for the publication I loved to read every day before. 

Photo of: BYB Managing Editor, Suzie Pinstripe
Now look, I've never really been a writer. At first, I wasn't sure how long I would last.  Yet, with some guidance from Robert, I have made it through a year. Luckily, BYB has a great team.  I talked to former BYB writer Dan Lucia as well as Suzie Pinstripe trying to gain some insight into the whole thing. They helped me quite a bit.

Photo of: BYB Managing Editor Jeana Bellezza with her other half
Jeana Bellezza, the other BYB managing editor has also helped me just by reading her stuff. What really amazes about this whole experience is that Casey didn't even know who I was, yet, he gave me a chance. An opportunity.  That's a testament to his character. It speaks volumes to me. I know my writing isn't the best, yet he still has the patience and helps me refine it every day. Casey's always been there to tell me what I did wrong and how to improve.   He's told me many times when I've sent stuff that I could "work it better", or "expand" on some points that I may have left flat.  I work hard to improve on BYB ever time I write something, and look to grow. The bottom line is I never want to let him and the BYB family down. The opportunity is huge. I don't want to disappoint.

And thank god for BYB. It has given me an outlet as a fan to voice my frustrations and a place to celebrate my Yankees the way I want to express it.  BYB has given me friends that I would probably have never met if not for the fact that I write for BYB.

And here's the best part... Casey and I have never met. I wouldn't be able to pick him out of a lineup.  But we've talked on the phone and he's a good dude. Why am I telling you this? Because sometimes opportunity comes in different forms... and when you are given one, by whomever... take it.

I wanted to write this up today and thank him for a great year. I would like to also thank all of you, the readers, for sticking with me as I hone my craft. Thank you for reading my posts.  The Yankee Universe is an amazing thing to be apart of. You don't find this type of bond among fans quite like this.  It's special. Thanks for letting me put myself out there.

Again, to Robert Casey... the man who gave me a shot.  May 2018 being us #28.

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Writer
Twitter: @sevn4evr

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Thursday, January 18, 2018


“I’d rather have Clint Frazier and anybody else I could get from the Yankees than that package. I don’t get it.”
- an American League Scout

Anyone else share that same sentiment besides me? I couldn't agree more, a Yankee scout said it best HERE. I was never "mad" about the Yankees not getting Gerrit Cole. Personally, I was never completely sold on him but he would've been nice to have. You can never have enough pitching. At the same time, the baseball enthusiast in me can't stop scratching my head and thinking....

"Really Pirates? You said no to us but said Yes to the Astros?!"

Photo: Getty Images
I'm glad Astros owner Jim Crane is celebrating his great victory, read that HERE. Yeah you sure did "beat" the Yankees with this trade didn't you? An offseason championship ring is in route to Houston. You may have "won" Cole but only because the Pirates gained a lot of nothing. It as underwhelming package. It's a comedy.

The Pirates sold themselves short. They gave up a valuable starting pitching for four average joes (no pun intended).

Here's what they got:

Photo: Tim Warner/Getty Images
Joe Musgrove: 4.77 ERA. 25 years old, a failed starter who now pitches out of the bullpen.
Michael Feliz: 5.63 ERA. 24 years old, only three years experience. Not much to critique here besides the high ERA.

Colin Moran: third basemen, 25 years old and was the Astros Ninth best prospect.
Jason Martin: A 22 year old outfielder, called a "fringe" prospect. That sounds.....scary.

Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire
Like the opening quote says, I'd rather have Frazier. The Pirates did too but they wanted at least one of Frazier and Miguel Andujar but then the Yankees and Pirates couldn't agree on the remaining pieces. If the Pirates would've taken Frazier with virtually any other players packaged in the deal they would've received a better return for Cole than the Astros gave.

I guess the Astros should feeling like they are #winning, but only at the Pirates expense not ours. This trade is pretty comical.

Meanwhile, Cashman isn't crying over spilled milk while the Astros celebrate their offseason victory. I like Cashman's "onward and upward attitude" here as he continues to check in on Yu Darvish I just don't think he will be able to get Darvish for as cheap as he hopes. Yes, the market is stalled, but it isn't dead and some team out there will be willing to pay more than $90 million for him.

Photo: SI
And now that Andrew McCutchen and Cole are gone Pirates fans aren't too happy. In fact, fans made a petition asking MLB to force Pirates owner Bob Nutting, read that HERE. It's getting ugly out there, with a good chunk of MLB teams in "rebuilding" modes, fans and players are frustrated. It looks like Nutting is in the same company as Derek Jeter. See? Funny.

I don't know what reasoning other than being completely intoxicated the Pirates had regarding the Cole trade. I guess it doesn't matter though, because it's funny. They passed up a prize in Frazier for.....duds and probably won't live that one down anytime soon.

Laugh on....I am.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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(Aug. 22, 2017 - Source: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images North America)
When we last spoke about Josh Harrison of the Pittsburgh Pirates,  he was an infielder being considered for the New York Yankees.  That was a few weeks ago.  Harrison was being considered for a second base role with the Yanks, and believe it or not, packaged with Gerrit Cole, it made a lot of sense.

Photo: Getty Images
But since then, Cole was traded to the Astros (Read ASTROS GET COLE, YANKEES HAVE STRATEGY & PIRATES GET LAUGHED AT for more), Andrew McCutchen went to the Giants, and now Harrison is pissed, much like Starlin Castro who is sitting there in Miami as they dismantle that Marlins team too.

(Aug. 21, 2017 - Source: Justin Berl/Getty Images North America)
Here's MLB Daily Dish with Harrison's statement to Ken Rosenthal. It's bold, and I love it...

"Baseball is a business and I understand that trades are part of the business. While I love this game, the reality is that I just lost two of my closest friends in the game. Cole and Cutch were not just friends, they were the best pitcher and best position player on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now, I am the most tenured member of the Pirates, I want to win, I want to contend, I want to win championships in 2018, 2019 and beyond...

(July 21, 2017 - Source: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images North America)
My passion for Pittsburgh, what it has MEANT to me, what it MEANS to me, can never be questioned. I love this city, I love the fans, I love my teammates. Saying that, the GM is on record as saying, ‘When we get back to postseason-caliber baseball, we would love our fans to come back out.’ If indeed the team does not expect to contend this year or next, perhaps it would be better for all involved, that I also am traded. I want what is best for the organization that gave me a chance to be a Big Leaguer.

You can't blame this guy.

Anyway, I just had to share that.  I found it to be totally awesome.  Who knows, maybe they flip him to the Bronx. We shall see.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Source: Greg Fiume/Getty Images North AmericaS

Since losing Gerrit Cole to the Astros last week, the Yankees are re-examining their pitching prospects.  Although they have been linked to multiple teams, they have their eye on Chris Archer and the Rays may just be willing to give him up.

Source: Joseph Garnett Jr./Getty Images North America

"After dealing away Evan Longoria, the Rays look to be in serious sell mode and far away from competing in a realistic way in 2018. That could lead to Archer's outster as the game of musical pitching chairs continues," reported

 Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

As I said to an Orioles fan at the bagel shop in Philly last week, dealing within your division can be harsh particularly when you watch how Daniel Murphy has hurt the Mets from his new home at the Washington Nationals.  Although the context was between the Yankees and Manny Machado, the issue remains the same: it is a no-no to deal within your division.

Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America

But as Joe Giglio points out in his piece on, "with prospects such as Clint Frazier and Chance Adams still in tow, could the Yankees and Rays make a swap? After all, we're talking about a pitcher that was rumored to be headed to the Yankees years ago."

Source: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images North America

I like Archer.  I like his confidence.  I like his persistence.  I like his numbers.  He is only 29 and he throws just over 10 strikeouts in 9 innings.  He has a career 3.63 ERA despite one slightly higher last season.  Archer could add a lot of value to the rotation and quite frankly, I like him much better than Cole any day.  His experience pitching to some of the most lethal batters in the American League also helps his case and an impression on Brian Cashman and company.

So, on this snowy Wednesday in the Northeast, things are heating up with purpose as the Yankees seek the final component for their run for championship #28.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof