Friday, July 12, 2013


Do you know Mo? Know Mo’s Mojo? Mo closes, yo. How Mo’s stats go, though?

Okay enough of that. The All Star Break is upon us. Halfway point of the season. The Yankees have been creaky and inconsistent, inspiring howls of outrage from the media and fair weather fans. Some have even dared to question Mariano Rivera’s abilities.

So how has Mariano been doing this year? To answer this question, let’s look at his stats from his last season in 2011. That year, his last full season, Mo threw 61.1 innings, 60 Ks, a win, a 1.91 ERA, and 44 saves.

Pretty impressive. Too bad he got hurt in 2012. He’s old too. No way he could ever recover his former greatness, huh?

Already this season Mariano Rivera has rung up 31 Ks in 33.1 innings and locked down 29 saves while maintaining an ERA of 1.89. If Mo maintains his current pace it means he will match his ERA from his last full season, also his strikeout rate, not to mention his saves. Basically, according to the stats, Mo is on track to be Mo. As always, if he gets the ball in the ninth inning, it means a win.

That’s good. That’s scary good. Mariano remains the most consistent and reliable closer in all of baseball. Whatever problems the Yankees are suffering, Mo is not one of them.

Mariano is Mariano. He is a machine. He has not changed very much. He has not needed to. He is a Champion, and is giving baseball the best farewell tour possible. If you have a chance to go see him play this season, you must do so. Period.

As long as the Yankees have Mariano Rivera, they have a chance to win. For one more season, this remains a constant. Appreciate it. Appreciate him.

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