Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Photo: Bay Area News Group
Quick note and something I did not want to ignore.  Athletics' prospect Casey Thomas has died unexpectedly.  Susan Slusser who's the A's beat for the San Francisco Chronicle tweeted this:

Now I know there will be clowns out there that will write "WHO???" When they read this headline. Well, shame on you.  This is a human being.  Sure we didn't know him in Yankeeland but I know folks like Jen Rainwater over at the BYB Hub's Bullpen, Baseball and Sock Talk knows him, maybe even reported on him at some point.  The point is, it's sad.

Just wanted to share and let his family know they are in our prayers.

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  1. Good on you for sharing this. It's always sad when, not just a player, but a person, is taken from this life quite unexpectedly. I'm sure that it's everyone's hope that over time, Casey Thomas' family will come to terms with the death, and trudge forward with life.


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