Friday, May 19, 2017


Photo: Charlie Riedel / AP
Jordan Montgomery is angry at himself... and I love it! That's passion.'s Randy Miller has the story:

Asked what he needs to fix most, Montgomery answered, 'Not walking guys. I never walked people in the minor leagues. I don't know where this is coming from. Maybe it's just giving the hitters a little too much credit.

Photo: Peter Aiken / USA Today Sports
'That and home runs. I never really had a problem with the long ball in the (farm) system or in college or high school or ever. But I'm just a 24-year-old with (seven) starts in my Major League career, so I'm trying to learn from it.

'I know the fans expect more from me and I expect more from myself.'"

Photo: John Sleezer / Kansas City Star
That's a ballplayer.  That's a ballplayer that wants to not let his team and the fans down... and I love it.

I don't want to see Chad Green replace JoMo. This kid will improve through game play.  You can't go throwing kids in and out of the rotation with an instant fix. You need to let the kid learn and work it out!  That's how I feel.

Happy Friday.

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